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1.Select the button you want on your website.





2. Copy this EXACT text to your website and your users will be tracked. Once this link has been installed on your site, click the link and check your Earnings & Stats to see if the Click was registered.

When accounts are created from a visit from your site, your account will register that account and the purchases that are made will be made visible in amount only.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why doesn't the link reference a source specific to my account?  (ie Source=asdf231a3sdf)
A. The way our affiliate program is setup is based on where a user came from.  Our web application looks at each user and what the URL was of the last page they visited.  A search is run against our affiliate database to see if that specific URL was from one of our affiliates.  If a match is found, then a session variable is stored for that user's session and ultimately when they create an account, your Affiliate information is tied to their account.

Q. Can I use my own banner or button?
A. Yes, Just be sure the href='http://www.fullidentity.com/' title='ID Cards & Background Checks' is part of your button.  The URL is critical.

Q. Will you create a button for me to match my colors?
A. Presently, Yes.  Just give us a call or send an email with the height, width and colors you want.

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