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Fire Department and Firefighter ID Badges

emergency service id badges

First Responders across the nation are required, by law, to carry identification at all times. The public depends on these officials and it’s necessary for them to be able to clearly identify themselves before citizens and government employees. Secure, fraud resistant firefighter ID badges have become crucial and indispensable.

Give us a call today! It would be our pleasure to discuss the many ways we can enhance your firefighter ID badges!

Customize Your Firefighter ID Badges

On our website you can create an original card design. You can easily configure all required information onto your ID badges. We understand that each organization has unique requirements so we have made customization easy!

Start the Process

  • Create an account on our website.
  • Click on the “Edit Individuals” tab.
  • Add all of your individuals.
  • Click on the “Additional Tracking Options” tab.
    • From here, you can add additional fields that will be added to your database for each individual. This feature is helpful for items such as specialized training, professional title, physical description items, etc.
  • Begin the design process!

Have you ever thought about using proximity cards for your firefighter ID badges? Give us a call! We we love the opportunity to speak with you about all of our badge options!