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Law Enforcement ID Cards: Protect Your Integrity

Law Enforcement ID Cards

As most officers know, it’s the ID card, not just the badge, that tells you if you’re dealing with a real officer or an impersonator. Badges can be fairly easy to come by, but ID cards are much harder to precisely duplicate due to the detailed information they contain. Additionally, there are plenty of great features that can set ID cards apart, unlike a badge.

Give us a call today! We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how to make your law enforcement ID cards more secure!

Customize Your Law Enforcement ID Cards

On our website you can create an original card design. You can easily configure all required information onto your ID badges. We understand that each organization has unique requirements so we have made customization easy!

Start the Process

  • Create your account here.
  • Select the “Edit Individuals” tab.
  • Add any desired individual’s names.
  • Select the “Additional Tracking Options” tab.
    • Here, you can add additional fields to your database for each individual. This feature is great for items like physical description items, specialized training, professional title, etc.
  • Design your badges!

Have you ever thought about using proximity cards for your law enforcement ID cards? Give us a call! We we love the opportunity to speak with you about all of our card options!


Prior to printing, a faxed document from an authority figure is required to produce ID cards on your behalf. The document must contain the appropriate letter head. Once the document has been verified, we can print the order.