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Medical ID Badges for Nurses, Doctors and Staff

Medical ID Badges

Whether a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic it’s crucial that visitors and staff are clearly identified. We have heard of countless incidents that were a direct result of poor identification protocol. In terms of reducing the risk of security breach in your establishment, Medical ID badges can be of great service to you. With such a high volume of visitors on a daily basis, it’s imperative to make your identification protocol as effective as possible.

Medical ID badges can be used in a number of ways. Are you taking full advantage of your ID badges to enhance your security protocol?

Possible Uses for Medical ID Badges:

  • Identification – Carrying a visible ID badge allows visitors and patients to easily identify who is on staff at the hospital. It also allows those working at the hospital to identify if anyone attempting to impersonate a doctor or staff member.
  • Attendance – ID badges make clocking in simple and accurate. No more writing down your hours at the hospital. Simply swipe your card when you arrive and swipe it again when you leave!
  • Patient Records – Assigning an ID badge to a patient can make treatments and hospital stays more efficient. Smarts cards, using an RFID chip, can make check in/out, treatments and visiting times accurate and simple for everyone.
  • Access Control – Smart card technology allows for cards to be programmed for varying access levels. Anyone who does not have security clearance will not be able to have free access to every room.

Would You Like Assistance with your Medical ID Badges?

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