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Small Business – Security & ID Solutions

Two essential components to any successful business can be located in identifying employees and providing secure work environments. As a global leader in the supply of identification and security products, Fullidentity has the identification, access control, and Visitor Management products your company needs to create a complete, effective identification and security solution.

Fullidentity.com offers a better solution

The diversification that Fullidentity’s products deliver pair well with any business or industry.  From local establishments to global corporations, Fullidentity’s products provide: employee badges for added professionalism;  access control solutions allowing simple, yet complete control over your facilities; and Visitor Management programs that establish secure environments for employees while enriching and reinforcing your brand.

Security & ID Badge Solutions

Fullidentity offers a variety of standard ID cards, proximity cards and smart cards that are ideal for use as business or industry ID badges. Cards are available blank or professionally designed using our Premium Badging Service.

Ordering is quick and easy!

Step 1: Create Account

Step 2: Design Card

Step 3: Add Individuals

Step 4: Place Order

1-10 $12.00
11-26 $10.00
26-50 $8.00
50-100 $6.00
101-200 $5.00
200 +   Quote

Hole Punches $0.50
Color Back $2.00
B&W Back $1.00
Barcodes $0.00
Card Upgrades PRICE
Hologram $1.50
Magnetic Stripe $1.00
Encoded Magnetic $1.50
Smar Card $2-$6


  • National Offender Report
  • Single State Criminal Report
  • National Criminal Report

Pre-Employment PRICE
Background Check w/ Alias $25
Background Check w/out Alias  $20
MVR Report TBD

1-day expiring badge front (handwritten) with printed “TEMPORARY”

This badge front features a printed “TEMPORARY” title and expires after a day’s use (approximately 12-14 hours). The badge can be personalized by hand with a pen, pencil or marker. Please note that this badge front requires a compatible badge back for use; it is not a standalone solution. Badge measures 1 15/16″ x 2 7/8″.

Please note: This product comes in packs of 1,000 badges.

Slotted expiring badge back with printed process blue “TEMPORARY” bar

This badge back requires a half-day or one-day badge front for use. Combine the front and back to activate the expiration, and the badge will show as expired after either a half day or full day (12-14 hours). This badge back is slotted, meaning it requires a card clip or attachment of some kind for use. The badge back features a blue bar with printed “TEMPORARY” text for convenient role recognition. Each badge back measures 3″ x 3″.

Please note: This product comes in packs of 1,000 badges.

Temporary Expiring Badges Price
 1-Day Expiring Badge Front $225.00
Slotted Expiring Badge Back $60.00
 Total:  $285.00

Custom badge reels, badge holders and lanyards carry and protect a user’s card while displaying your organization’s logo or text for additional brand recognition.


Custom & stock lanyards are ideal for offices. They help employees display their ID’s and credentials at all times. Customize your own lanyards or choose from quality stock lanyards in popular colors.


Badge holders from Fullidentity are the perfect way to identify employees. They help protect your cards so that they can last year round!


Stock up on customized reels to keep your message and your Employee IDs in view. Choose from a wide variety of options to match school colors.

Stock Accessories PRICE
Lanyards $1.00
Badge Clips $0.50
Badge Holders $1.00
Badge Reels $1.00

 Custom Accessories PRICE
Lanyards $1.00 – $5.00
Badge Reels  $1.00 – $5.00
Badge Holders $1.00 – $5.00

Think you need something a little more custom?

Fullidentity.com could be exactly what your organization needs. Our staff is ready to help you successfully set up customized, need-based software solutions for your organization as we’ve done for many other prominent businesses.

The advantages of this approach:

• Consistent identity management policies
• No staff costs, no capital investment, no equipment obsolescence, No Hassle!
• Get consistent, rapid service, when they need it

The use of our system ensures consistent identity management policies with no upfront/capital investment and no extra staff costs. Furthermore, our equipment is continually updated so you don’t have to contend with outdated technology.

With no minimum batch size, order as many ID cards as needed. We have professional designers on standby ready to assist in creating your free card template. Simply upload all employee information and photos, quick and easy.

Security and access control are reaching new levels of sophistication as corporations implement advanced card systems that extend access to their personnel. Fullidentity’s ID cards can be equipped with one or more barcodes or magnetic strips to allow personnel access to different facilities and services. Fullidentity can provide smart cards and prox cards to enhance the security of your organization and increase capabilities. Please contact Fullidentity to find out more about the options we offer.